FullSizeRenderEleanor McIntosh, Chair

Eleanor has been positive influence in the field of education for over 10 years. Completing two years working overseas, Eleanor returned home to continue her pursuits in the profession. Since returning, she has worked at the both the elementary and secondary levels of the public school system in the Durham region as a classroom teacher in the areas of Mathematics and Science (namely Chemistry). During her time in the classroom she supported a range of students from a variety of diverse ethnic and academic backgrounds; teaching locally developed, applied and college course as well as classes at the academic and university level. Eleanor participated actively in the lives of students outside of the classroom as a basketball and track and field coach, mentor, and teacher chaperone on numerous international excursions. After six years in the classroom, she launched her career forward into the administrative realm, where she has spent the last six years of her career as a secondary Vice Principal. In this role, she has worn many hats including counsellor, teacher-mentor, and lead learner. She has experience in the areas of Special Education, Mathematics curriculum and instruction, Equity and Inclusive Education, Parent Engagement, as well as Safe Schools. Eleanor currently holds the position of Administrative Officer for the Ajax and Pickering Schools with the Durham District School Board. Eleanor is one of the founding members of the Durham Black Educators’ Network since its inception in 2004. She has held executive positions of Treasurer and Vice-Chair throughout this time. As an active member she has served on many committees in both lead and support roles, including the annual And Still We Rise high school student conference and elementary family heritage day and Activating Success student awards. Eleanor has also been a regular delegate of the organization at the National Alliance of Black School Educators’ Conference held annually in cities across the United States.

Cheryl Rock, Vice Chair

Cheryl attended the University of Windsor, where she earned her B.F.A. and B.Ed.  She has been a Durham District School Board educator since 2000 and joined the Durham Black Educators’ Network (DBEN) in 2005.  Cheryl has a passion for arts-based approaches to ensuring critical literacy and equity of outcome, and is currently DDSB’s Equity, Diversity and Race Relations Facilitator.  Within classroom and professional development settings, Cheryl continues to create opportunities for engagement through Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and she believes in the role of a safe and inclusive school culture in reinforcing a positive climate of learning for all students.  Cheryl is Co-Chair of DBEN’s annual And Still We Rise – Student Leadership Conference, and is committed to extending DBEN’s mandate and initiatives to optimize the educational experiences of students, parents, and educators representing the black diaspora.

Claudette McDonaldClaudette McDonald, Treasurer

Claudette is an educator with the Durham District School Board.  She currently works as a Business teacher at J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate and have been engaging, developing and providing opportunities and resources for many students for the past nine years.  She prides herself in providing an inclusive and welcoming classroom for my students so that the business of educating them can be done smoothly.Claudette completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting at the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) and has practiced accounting for over fifteen years. These practical experiences are transferred to my daily teaching, thus making my job easier and the students to see the relevance of preparing some of the tedious books and calculations done in accounting.  She has been the Treasurer of DBEN for the past two years and holds the responsibility of ensuring that proper accounting records are kept and all financial transactions are transparent as required by law.  Claudette is a team player and able to work in any environment and with people from diverse backgrounds. Her goal is to add value to the organization and contribute to its growth and development within the Durham region. It is the hope that her time with the organization will be rewarding to members and the executive team and that her skills and experience will help to grow the organization to meet the needs of the teachers, parents and students within the region.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 at 8Tanya Salmon, Secretary

Tanya is an Elementary school teacher who has been teaching with the Durham District School Board for over a decade. With a variety of teaching experiences at home and abroad, she holds qualifications at the Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels along with specialists in Reading and Special Education. Currently, Ms. Salmon works at Altona Forest Public School instilling a love for learning in Math, Language and French within the students she has the pleasure of teaching on a daily basis.  Having been re-elected for another term to the Secretarial position on the Durham Black Educators’ Network (DBEN) Executive, Ms. Salmon is looking forward to participating in key yearly events such as the “And Still We Rise – The Elementary Edition”, and the “Activating Student Success” Awards.  As part of the DBEN Executive, Ms. Salmon’s passion lies in further enhancing the efforts of the membership to “optimize the educational experience” of Durham students from the African, Caribbean and West Indian diaspora. Ms. Salmon believes that working collaboratively with all stakeholders to meet the goals of student success and achievement has been, and will continue to be, one of the most rewarding experiences of her educational career.

Andrea WaltersAndrea Walters, Fundraising / Grant Co-ordinator

Andrea started her teaching career nineteen years ago in the Toronto District School Board, but transferred to The Durham District School Board in 1999 to be closer to her husband Steve, and children Malia and Matai.  She has been an administrator for the past ten years and currently teaches the Principal’s Qualifications Program for York University.  During her spare time she teaches yoga and is involved in her church.Andrea remains very passionate about equity and empowering parents and students to feel included and empowered within the school system.  Andrea has presented at a couple of Durham’s Equity Conferences, frequently at the Whitby Administrators’ Meetings about the importance of Black History in schools and recently chaired and hosted the And Still We Rise Elementary conference.  Andrea is passionate about Parent Engagement and breaking barriers for students and their families. She is very excited to be a part of DBEN’s Executive as an Assistant Media Coordinator.

Matthew Sinclair, Social Media / Website Coordinator

Matthew has been an elementary school teacher with the Durham District School Board in Ajax for the past 9 years. After teaching at Carruthers Creek P.S. in Ajax for 7 years, he helped open Michaelle Jean P.S., an all French Immersion school in north Ajax.  He presently teaches Grade 8 as well as a SERT coach working with both intermediate and primary students.  He enjoys being involved in co-curricular activities including coaching basketball, serving as a mentor for his present and past students as well as participating in many board Equity intiatives.  Recently he has had the opportunity to become more involved in diversity at the board level and in DBEN by being a part of several committees and teams including part of the Afrocentric Curriculum Writing document, the Black Compendium document presently being created and as a presenter at past Equity Institute events and Admin meetings.  He was also a presenter and co-creator of the DDSB’s inaugural CYPHER Male Empowerment Conference in May 2016.  In 2012, he was a member of the committee that brought Dr. Baruti Kafele to Durham and also presented at the 2013 And Still We Rise elementary conference on planning for your child’s future. In 2014, he was a member of the DDSB contingent who attended the NABSE conference in Detroit, presented with a small group to school trustees at a Board meeting on culturally relevant pedagogy.  Through the expanded use of social media and the DBEN website, he looks forward to helping to raise awareness of DBEN online.

Tracey Grose, Social Co-ordinator

Tracey earned her BSc. from the University of Toronto and Rehabilitation certification from York University and Seneca College. She then moved to the Atlanta, Georgia where she furthered her studies earning a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia in 1996. Moving back to Canada in 2001, Tracey was hired as the first and only black social worker with the Durham District School Board. Tracey has been a member of DBEN since 2006, serving as the Vice-Chair in 2011-2012 year. She understands the importance of this organization and the role it plays in advocacy for students of African and Caribbean decent. Tracey utilizes her excellent communication skills to help DBEN to effectively present a positive message to the community it serves. In her current position she is working toward meeting the needs of students, parents and community stakeholders while optimizing the educational experience of students of African and Caribbean descent in Durham. Tracey is also very interested in ensuring that opportunities for scholarship, recognition and enrichment are shared throughout the system. She chaired the first Activating Student Success Awards recognition event in 2013 which has now become another DBEN annual event. There are many great initiatives taking place in the community and she wants to ensure all students can reach their full potential and actualize their dreams.

Jennifer Seif, Media Co-ordinator

Jennifer is an Educational Interpreter with the Durham District School Board. Jennifer attended York University where she studied Linguistics and Women Studies. Jennifer completed her American Sign Language – English Interpreter training at George Brown College and later received a specialized certification in Educational Interpreting from Boystown National Research Hospital in Omaha Nebraska. In the role of Media Coordinator, Jennifer will use her strong interpersonal and communication skills to promote the goals and initiatives of DBEN. Jennifer is committed to nurturing and developing a strong network of community and business partnerships.

Members at large

Tany Bell 2017 PhotoTanya Bell has been a teacher with Durham District School Board since 2004, and has happily taught grades K-3. Since becoming an educator with the Board, Tanya has always tried to highlight the talents, contributions and histories of people from various cultures not typically featured in the curriculum. The feedback she receives from parents is consistently positive and encouraging. Tanya enjoys having the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded colleagues from the Durham Black Educators’ Network as it provides a safe space to discuss and share experiences, as well as develop new initiatives such as the Afro-centric Perspectives in Education K-8 curriculum document, in which she was a proud contributor. Participating in longstanding community engagement programs as the annual And Still We Rise Elementry Conferenece, for example, is equally exciting. Tanya’s involvement in these programs allows her the chance to promote the outstanding work DBEN provides to the black community which ultimately helps to continue building positive relationships between families and educators. Tanya is very happy to be a part of such a progressive team.

Janet Robinson has been teaching at the elementary level for over 19 years. She has taught all subjects and all grades, but specializes in Core French. Her husband and her three daughters are her delight. She is interested in Aboriginal culture and history and is passionate about Equity, Diversity and Social Justice. She believes that our Black students need to be given extra encouragement to “be the best they can be.” She looks forward to being a “member-at-large” this year on the DBEN executive.


Sharon Knights 2017 PhotoSharon Knights is the Vice Principal at Bolton C. Falby Public School. She has been in education for 21 years with the Toronto District School Board and the Durham District School Board. Sharon is a long standing member of the Durham Black Educators’ Network who continues to work with the network in various capacities. During the past seven years she has been involved in various parent engagement initiatives including the facilitation of the DBEN book club focused on “A Black Parents Handbook to Educating Your Children (outside the classroom)” by Baruti K. Kafele. Last year Sharon was also a part of the Activating Student Success Awards Committee. This year she is a member at large with DBEN and is looking forward to a great year. Sharon believes that all students can learn given the right amount of time, the proper tools and strategies. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Past Chair

Maraget Lazerus

Margaret Lazarus is a Past Chair of Durham Black Educators’ Network (DBEN) and one of its founding members.  Having spent the past 30 years working as a teacher at all levels of the Ontario Educational System in both the private and public systems of education and as an elementary school administrator, her goal has always been to ensure that all children learn and that student achievement is not dependent on socio-economic status, race, gender or culture.  Her goal for this term’s executive is to continue to provide exceptional service to the DBEN community.  Margaret acquired a B.A. in French Literature and Psychology from the University of Toronto in 1983.  Her love for the French language led her to Université Laval in Quebec City where she obtained a Master of Arts degree in French Literature in the summer of 1987.  In 1993, Margaret secured a Master of Education Degree with a focus in Educational Administration from the University of Toronto.  Currently, Margaret Lazarus is an Administrative Officer with the Durham District School Board and works with 45 schools across the district.