Durham Black Students’ Network (DBSN)

Durham Black Students’ Network (DBSN) has capitalized on its infrastructure through the investment of many of its community shareholders. DBEN is a culturally responsive network built on programming that is founded on the expressed needs of students, educators, parents and community members.

Durham Black Students’ Network (DBSN) is in its inaugural year and will connect youth from the black community with resources for personal and professional development. Through a variety of leadership opportunities, DBSN will expand on the artistry, academia and creative talents in Durham Region.

We will offer:

Ongoing programming differentiated based on need and program type for ten months
(September – June). The programming will consist of a workshop series, community
building/forums and a reciprocal mentorship program.

  • Future Leaders Workshops Series – topics such as financial literacy, rebuilding
    healthy relationships, intergenerational relationships (authority), funding your
    education, writing skills for leadership;
  • Safe space / Creative Forums – focusing on the needs of the participants and determined by interactions with elders and greater community networks;
  • Reciprocal Mentorship Program – building on personal networks and support systems. Youth will be paired with another youth for a four month period, in two cycles.

Through our initiative:

  • Youth skill sets will be valued and matched with opportunities that are available to them;
  • Youth will be able to develop pathways for future goals, build financial literacy, become engaged in creative forums and connect with social resources;
  • Develop personal networks comprised of student-to-student and student-to-community interactions;
  • Participants will have an opportunity to reframe current fragmented realities that black youth experience.

For more information please email dbsn@dben.org




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